Ungrateful Bastards

Received this comment on one of my videos.

Us cyclists are freeing up space on the road by cycling instead of driving! If we all drove instead, nobody would be able to get anywhere, or at least it would take them a lot longer. Considering how impatient a lot of car drivers are, they should be thanking us! Ungrateful bastards 🙂


Haha, made me chuckle. If only they where thanking us!

Going for a Guinness World Record?

Track stand at the Atlanta, GA, USA Critical Mass

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For some reason I was browsing the Guinness World Record site the other week and came across a record which I think I brake on nearly ever cycle ride.

The current world record for track standing is held by Jim Dechamp, USA and his track stand was 21.34 seconds long. We don’t know the exact circumstances around the world record, so it’s hard to say if I could do it for longer in the same situation and under the same rules. I know I can track stand on either fixed or freewheel hub for longer than that, and I’m sure that there are thousands of others in the world that can do it for longer.

Are you giving up cycling?

I returned back to the office today and saw my colleagues for the first time in 6 weeks. It was great to be back to at work, 6 weeks of day time TV will send you bonkers! Everyone was asking how I was and the usual questions but one I was asked several times and stood out the most.

Are you going to give up cycling?

My answer is certainly not. It’s my passion, I’ve been cycling since I was a child, through school, into uni and now doing most of my miles on my commute to work. I want to live everyday to the max and enjoy my self. I might have been hurt this one time but I will bounce back and do many more miles.

When people tell me that cycling is dangerous. I always reply with the following

Most of the world’s population die in bed, I would rather spend as much time as possible out of bed.

And it just so happens that when out of bed I like to ride a bicycle 🙂

An update on how I’m doing as I know some of you are interested. I’m feeling a lot better, up and about more and moving my arm a little bit more freely. My physiotherapy is going well and my movements are improving, I still have limited movements in my arm and struggle to move it by its self. My clavicle is nearly fixed, I’ve got an update with an orthopaedic doctor in 2 weeks and by that time it should be nearly done.

How long till I’m back on the bike? Who knows, as soon as I can get back on the bike I will be on the turbo. I’m not going to put my self onto the road until I know I’m fully 100% fit.

The Hardest Part of Cycling?


According to youtube user stomekz, who posted this on Episode 21 of Silly Cyclists, the hardest part of cycling is

hardest part of cycling is telling your parent that your gay

I think this sentence says a lot about the poster, the grammar is rather poor and he seems to know what the sexuality is of every cyclists. He appears to be using the word to describe anything which he dislikes or is opposed to, rather childish.

Silly Cyclists – Episode 21

It’s that time again, another episode of silly cyclists. This week’s top 10 see’s 3 video submissions, some red light jumping, incorrect bicycle lights and some wobbly cycling.

If you wish to submit a video for the next episode of silly cyclists, please e-mail your clip to sillycyclists at gmail dot com. I will try to reply to all that e-mail me.