Boston cyclists have it rough too

Cyclists across the globe have to deal with inconsiderate drivers that don’t understand our needs or that we are allowed to use the road. Many of us have taken to using cameras, a cyclist in Boston recently posted a video of a driver who was very impatient as he cycled down a busy road with lots of hazards, the driver could have easily changed lanes to pass the cyclists but instead choose to sound his horn and pass him with only inches to spare.

As always, the driver shortly stopped in traffic and got out of his car asking the cyclist if he wanted a fight. Quite rightly the cyclist didn’t want to get into a fight with someone who was more than likely several times the size of him.
When the cyclist went to the Police they where not interested in what happened, even when the cyclist stated that he had the whole incident on video. I’m sure most of us have experienced problems like this, lets just hope it changes as the grow of camera use in cyclists increases.

Ding Ding Ding Get Out of My Way

I’m sure we have all been in a situation where a driver behind us has blasted their horn because we are ‘in their way’.

I tried to do the similar whilst on my bicycle, I got up really close behind another vehicle, dinged on my bell really loudly to show my frustration, unfortunately they couldn’t hear it due to them singing along to a dodgy song from Heart Radio. When they finally pulled over and stopped, I cycle passed shouting my frustration, telling them they can’t drive here and they should be on the motorway. The driver was clearly startled by this as they quickly got out of their car and ran into the post office with a letter. A letter which I’m presuming was a written apology to me for being in me way.

Sounds crazy eh?! But that is pretty much what happens to cyclists. Drivers expect us (cyclists) to bow down and pump their tyres up with our mouths as they pass. They drive close behind us and blast their horns if we are stopping them from progressing to the back of the next queue. As they pass they shout out of the window that we don’t pay ‘road tax’ and that we should be on the pavement.

It’s bullying behaviour and shouldn’t be accepted on our roads. Look after the more vulnerable road user.

Note: Some things said in this post are not strictly true.