Hi-viz for cars

Small cars are becoming less invisible as larger vehicles are becoming more prominent on the road. In turn these small cars are getting more and more SMIDSY’s (Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You).

The small cars are turning to high visibility paint to stand out from the larger vehicles.


7 thoughts on “Hi-viz for cars

  1. Isn’t that the “Asbo Orange” colour that the Ford Focus ST comes in as standard?

    Nice to too the credit crunch isn’t effecting everyone! That car is a hideous stain on the Aston Martin marque!

  2. If, as we’re forever told by ‘Road safety’ experts and the Police, we should be dressed up in Hi Viz and flourescents, is there not a case to mandate all vehicles to have this too?
    I’m sure many motorists would be up in arms about having to cover their precious shiny motors yet no-one seems to complain that we’re told to dress up like bloody Xmas trees!

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