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For as long as I have been publishing videos on youtube of bad drivers, I have had comments about why I don’t show videos of cyclists doing dangerous things. The reason was mostly because the cyclists are putting them selves in danger and not others.

About 2 months ago I half changed my mind on this case. I make videos to highlight the dangers of cycling in a place like London, and often the issues which come with cycling and how to get around them. But with other cyclists not reading from the same hymn sheet, I decide that making regular videos about the dangerous positions I see people putting them selves in to be a much better learning tool if anyone sees them.

These regular videos where daily at the start. Showing everything I saw. I soon changed this format to a weekly video with a commentary over the top. This format has made Silly Cyclists an important learning tool. I talk about what you shouldn’t do and what you should do in those situations. Watching the videos you soon learn what the common issues are, it seems to me that undertaking large vehicles such as buses and HGV’s is still a regular accorance.

Below I have added the latest Episode (14) and here you can find a playlist with all episodes in.


3 thoughts on “Silly Cyclists

  1. Did you cover the dangers of racing down buslanes and being cut up by right turning traffic;-) good example of why you should keep brakes on good order!

  2. Gaz, thanks for sharing, as usual. There are some real Darwin-award nominees there. On Thursday I spoke to someone who spent seven years in the Israeli Army, and is too scared to commute from up Hampstead way to White City – that’s cycling in London …

  3. I have enjoyed your videos on youtube for a while, only today have I seen your blog. Hoping never to see myself in one of your videos! Have to disagree with Bad Cyclist 11 though, the walk across a red light is very useful, especially with some of the longer light phasings in the City and West End. Not that I would bother on the South Circular, that said.

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