Undertaking large vehicles

I see many cyclists each day going up the inside of buses, coaches and HGV’s. Do they not understand that each time they are doing it, they are putting there life at risk. Of course in some situations it is perfectly safe to do so but if it’s clearly 50/50 it’s best to hang back and let the vehicle go.

Camden Council recently posted a new video about cycling around HGV’s. The message is clear and shows that the cyclist will come off worst when involved in a collision with a large vehicle. Who’s fault it is not determined, and that’s not the point. What is important is that each cyclist should look after their own life. Going up the inside of a large vehicle such as a HGV or bus is a bad idea.

The MET Police Service created a video around a year ago regarding the same thing. Since then they have been offering cyclists the chance to sit in lorries and view the blind spots from their point of view. The locations are various and are all over London, if you ever get the chance to ‘exchange places’ i strongly urge you to jump at the opportunity. Even if you are an experience cyclist and you don’t go up the inside of lorries, you can never have enough experience.


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