Croydon Cyclist is a cycling blog that looks at issues with road users and cycling, it is run by Gaz, who is known as the youtube user CycleGaz and is the producer of Silly Cyclists. Totalling over 4,700 subscribers and more than 1,500,000 video views, Gaz is certainly doing something interesting.

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Moving Blog

I’ve thought about it for a while, I’ve had it set up for a while. With some changes to how self hosted wordpress works, I’ve decided to move my blog over to that. It will give me more flexibility in modifications and will hopefully become more of a project for me to tackle. After all my day job is to create websites.

So the new blog is www.croydoncyclist.co.uk All current content is moved over to there. Only thing I can’t move over is people’s subscriptions. So if you have set it up to receive this as an e-mail alert, you will need to do the same on the new blog. This is fairly simple due to a subscribe via e-mail form on right hand side of every page.

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